TPHA Strategic Plan

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One of the primary sponsorship benefits of TPHA is the free access to our Annual Scientific Conferences. These events consistently attract audiences composed of various public health policy/decision makers, managers, practitioners, researchers and the general public. Hosting and/or sponsoring the TPHA ASC offers excellent exposure and benefits such as branding, media placement and access to practitioners. All benefits may be customized to suit the sponsor’s needs and the specific event.

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Our goal is to provide a guiding roadmap that will facilitate public health advocacy and promotion of healthy life styles that ensures health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is attained and valued by the Tanzanian community




The Tanzania Public Health Association (TPHA) was established in 1980 as a leading voice in public health in Tanzania. Over the years, TPHA has demonstrated an enduring commitment to the promotion of public health in the country.  The development of this five-year strategic plan is meant to serve the purpose of shaping organizational direction and scope on long term basis by making broad decisions on development, deployment and configuration of the resources within the changing environment and to fulfil stakeholders’ expectations and achieve the Association objectives. This strategic plan aims to answer some key Association questions related to its purposes and is expected to enable TPHA to improve success of its goals, mission and objectives. This strategic plan envisages to establishing institutional priorities for efficient and effective resource allocation. 


The preparation of this plan was through a consultative and iterative process which involved most of the key stakeholders. The participatory process involved a number of methodological activities which included analysis of the Association’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and challenges as well as lessons of experience of the previous strategic plan.


This strategic plan is therefore, focused on 3 major strategies translated into the total of 11 strategic objectives and 56 planned activities. The Strategic Objectives are: (i) Strengthening Organization and Management Capacity; (ii) Developing knowledge through research and disseminating public health information; and (ii) Strengthening policy advocacy and behavioural change communication.

The strategic objectives, strategies and activities were developed to address the key Association’s challenges and priorities. In addition, the strategic plan contains a detailed Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.


The planning process consisted of different engagement meetings and consultations. This document represents a compilation of “Priorities” which the plan aims to work upon to address public health issues as documented in the whole planning process. The Appendices contains ongoing activities, High priority organization and program Actions, Action Plan for Two years implementation and, the initial timeline and other indicative resources. This document was finalized at the conclusion.

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