About Us

  • Our Mission

    The mission of the Association is “to contribute significantly to the improvement of the health status of the Tanzanian population, through promoting of good public health practices”.

  • Our Vision

    The vision of TPHA is to be a broad-based, solid and well respected Association, one which is sustainable and capable of addressing major public health issues in Tanzania.

  • Our Goal

    Promoting Health and Preventing Disease in Tanzania, through advocacy for sound public health policies and practices and for healthy lifestyles.

TPHA History.

TPHA is a non-governmental  organization (NGO) established  in 1980 with the goal of promoting health and preventing disease  in Tanzania through sound public health practices. The association draws its membership from all over Tanzania and is open to non-Tanzanians residing within and outside the country. The Association’s membership is broad-based and multi-disciplinary. It includes medical and public health personnel, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, health officers, nutritionists, medical sociologists, behavioral scientists, economists, educationists, engineers, lawyers, agro-vet practitioners and many others who are interested  in public health and in the solution of health related problems.

TPHA Management

tpha1980@yahoo.com +255655448070